Cosmetics Labelling & Cosmetovigilance

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Cosmetics Labelling & Cosmetovigilance

We, COSMETICS REGISTRATION (INDIA) are a consultancy subsidiary of ARHAM CONSULTANTS (INDIA) PTY, New Delhi and are focused on the regulatory compliance of Cosmetics Imports Registration in India.

Labeling of Cosmetics

The Cosmetics Labeling Rules in India make it mandatory for the Cosmetics Products to be labeled as per the following specifications:-

  • Label content is mandatory, with details on relevant information, product claims and the general marketing information
  • Label content that complies with the nomenclature, formats and the language specifications
  • Visibility and the availability of the label content
  • Compliance on forbidden content, i.e. information that is misleading

The professionals at COSMETICS REGISTRATION (INDIA) define the label content for your cosmetic brands based on the cosmetic’s safety assessment and the product dossier. Our information, gathered during the product development stages, can be of significant input for the artwork development so as to avoid any unappealing over-labeling of the cosmetic product, post-launch.

Cosmetovigilance - Management of ADRs :

Indian Cosmetics Regulation has necessitated that only a qualified and responsible person keeps record of the post-marketing surveillance and monitors the incidences on ADRs. As one of our services, Cosmetovigilance is carried out to make sure that any health related undesirable effect caused due to the cosmetic product is documented and reported to concerned authorities.

The regulation mentions that the records on cosmetovigilance be evaluated on a regular basis and the data should form the basis of safety assessment and subsequent processes such as product recalls, consumer warning system and product withdrawal. COSMETICS REGISTRATION (INDIA) offers you services in setting up an efficient system for tracking incidences on adverse drug reaction, monitoring and evaluation. Assistance is provided in integrating this data into the existing procedures on product recall.


All the information on various aspects of Cosmetics Registration process and regulations in India is the personal interpretation of the author as gathered from various online & offline source materials. None of the information on this site, in part or whole, is claimed to be an authoritative opinion or summary extract of any law or regulations ; readers are requested to validate the information from their own informed sources and act so on their own wise decision.


  • The Drug & Cosmetics Act, 1940
  • Drug Controller of India, Ministry of Health, Government of India
  • Ministry of Finance, Government of India
  • Reserve Bank of India

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